Who We Are

We first founded Brothers Bakery in 2002 in Marble Falls, TX which sells the highest quality wholesale baked goods in the hill country.

Brothers Barkery started after we discovered our dog Lucy had food allergies. We did research and learned that wheat, corn, and soy were common allergens. Unable to find treats without these ingredients, we developed our own. Her skin and ear conditions cleared up quickly after!

In 2010, we formed Brothers Barkery by combining our passion for dogs and baking. Since then, we have focused on producing high-quality dog treats inspired by our four-legged companions, Lucy and Bandit. We don’t add any sugar or salt, colors, flavors or preservatives. The color of the treat comes from the fruits and vegetables we use such as wild Maine blueberries, sweet potatoes without added sugar, and ripe bananas combined with all natural peanut butter. These treats are oven dried and shelf stable. They will last over one year past production.  

Rachel Andrews Malamud & Ryan LeCompte Malamud